Golden Zest – Golden Tips

 The tea we produce is brought to you with love. Our love for the environment, our people and our tea garden ensures that the single-origin hand-plucked tea that is packed in this container is simply the best in the world. Take a sip, enjoy and step in to a journey which would lead you to our tea garden that is picturesquely placed in the south of emerald isle Sri Lanka.


 Exquisite Golden Tips

 This white tea is hand cut with golden scissors and collected in a golden pot before its buds unfurl from the heat of the sun, leaves of our Golden Tips tea are subsequently dried naturally on a velvet cloth. Lingering in sweetness due to hints of honey and pine, this light amber-hued liquor
is also high in antioxidants. The 1852 Exquisite Golden Tip tea is a rare and memorable white tea worth savouring.



 Silver Magic – Silver Tips

 1852 Ceylon Valley Silver Magic is a rare white tea with a flavor that’s light, sweet and sublime. This tea is plucked and made just for us, from the terminal buds of tea bushes grown high in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). They are handled with great care, so the bud remains whole, and becomes silvery. Since there is no leaf, the flavor is different than traditional tea.


 Heavenly Silver – Silver Tips

 This unique Ceylon loose leaf white tea is grown in the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka, located in the hill country of Sri Lanka. This vast area is made up of extensive high-elevation mountain ranges and beautiful valleys that are shaded from monsoon winds. 1852 Ceylon Valley Silver Tips tea is famed amongst tea connoisseurs for its outstanding quality and sublime flavour complexity.

The tea imparts a delicate and very light liquor with exquisite notes of pine and honey. Its brew provides a wonderful mix of subtle and delicate flavours that are very soothing and relaxing. These luxurious silver tips are rich in fragrance and possess an alluring quality with a hint of natural sweetness.



 SereniTea – Black Tea

 Beautiful large wiry leaves harvested on the lush tea gardens in the Ruhuna region in Sri Lanka. Hot days, chilly nights, limited rainfall and strong winds combine to stress the tea bushes and build flavour. This unique Orange Pekoe 1 (OP1) tea provides a wonderful mix of subtle and delicate flavours that are very soothing and relaxing.


 Dark Fantasy – Black Tea

 1852 Ceylon Valley Dark Fantasy Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings One Extra Special is a very well-manufactured orthodox loose leaf Tea noted for its full-bodied profile. It has a thick, robust character while also being smooth with flavours reminiscent of plum. When consumed alongside a healthy and active lifestyle, this Black Tea can offer remarkable medicinal qualities. Researchers have long recognized that Black Teas such as this one can enhance cognitive function. They can also boost the metabolism, which enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently.



 Mystic Burst – Green Tea

 Green teas, the earliest form of tea, are processed without oxidation. The Green Tea that we offer is a high elevation tea, the climatic conditions in this region are balanced resulting in a clean cup with a stimulating aroma and flavor in taste. It’s a refreshing drink prized for centuries for their health benefits. The Mystic Burst Green teas are an excellent choice as a relaxing afternoon cup.


 Leafy Secret – Green Tea

 1852 Ceylon Valley Oolong Tea has the fresh, smooth flavor you expect from this unique Leafy Secret tea. Its consistent mellow notes make it a great pairing with any meal, for any occasion. Brew a pot for your next dinner party and enjoy as hot tea or iced tea. Unlike black teas that are
fully oxidized or green teas that undergo no oxidation, Oolong is formed through a special technique that results in the tea’s partial oxidation.



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